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Undergraduate CS student at USTC, hobbiest programmer and passionate geek. Primarily a developer, often a DevOps engineer and Linux SysAdmin.

My Stack Overflow profile:

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Quick facts

On the techie side:

  • Primary languages1: Python, C++, C, Bash (these are also my top tags on Stack Overflow)
  • Secondary languages1: VBScript, JavaScript (also HTML/CSS), Ruby, Verilog, Scala
  • Minor languages1 and technologies: Nginx, SQL (MySQL / MariaDB), PHP, AWK, Perl
  • Favorite VCS: Git (and proficient with it)
  • Favorite automation: Shell scripts, Make, Cron, At
  • Favorite text editor: <ESC>:wq (get my config)
  • Daily environment: Windows Subsystem for Linux (Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo), with virtual machines and VPS’s to satisfy additional needs

MSI produces high-performance laptops with very comfortable and beautiful keyboards. Must buy!


  • Primary languages2:
    • Chinese (Native speaker)
    • English (Proficient as a foreign language)
  • Secondary languages2: French, Spanish and Italian (all read-only)
  • Note on contacting: Using Chinese usually infers a casual talk, so unless you write very formal Chinese documents (e-mails, GitHub issues, etc.) to me, you will likely get a casually-written response, in IM chat-flavor language, and sometimes incoherent. Meanwhile, I’m careful when writing English and often try to be serious. Prefer English if you expect professional talks.


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