Undergraduate CS student at USTC, hobbiest programmer and passionate geek. Primarily a developer, often a DevOps engineer and Linux SysAdmin.

In action

I’m an active contributor on GitHub across various repositories. You can see a list of all my pull requests using GitHub search.

I’m also an avid user on Stack Overflow:

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See my questions and answers on Stack Overflow, or view a selected list of my questions and answers.

Quick facts

On the techie side (more about my skills here):

  • Advanced knowledge
    • Programming: Python, C++, C, Bash (these are also my top tags on Stack Overflow)
    • Software: Git, Jekyll, OpenSSH
    • Technology: HTTP, DNS
  • Intermediate knowledge
    • Programming: VBScript, the Web Trilogy (HTML / CSS / JavaScript), Ruby, Verilog
    • Framework: Flask, Electron, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, Chisel
    • Software: Vim, Nginx, Docker, Make, LXD, Systemd, Singularity (Container)
    • Service: Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare CDN
    • Miscellaneous: Linux Networking (routing, firewall, iptables etc.)
  • Basic knowledge
    • Programming: SQL (MySQL 5.7+ / MariaDB 10.1+, SQLite3), PHP, Go, AWK, Wolfram Mathematica, Perl
    • Framework: Django, Sinatra, Rails
    • Software: ZFS, Linux LVM
    • Technology: RDMA, eBPF


  • Linux distro: Ubuntu (desktop / workstation) and Debian (server)
  • Version control: Git (and good at it)
  • Text editor: <ESC>:wq (get my config)
  • Automation: Shell scripts, Make, Cron / At, Systemd Services, Docker

Working environment

My workstation in office (headless):

  • Core i7-8850H, 64 GiB RAM, 1 TB SSD (Samsung PM981) plus some HDD
  • Ubuntu 19.10, Docker, LXD, KVM (libvirt)

MSI produces high-performance gaming laptops with very comfortable and beautiful keyboards. Must buy!


  • Primary languages:
    • Chinese
      • Native to Simplified (written) and Mandarin (oral)
      • Reads Traditional without problem but limited in writing
    • English (Proficient as a foreign language, prefer American flavor)
  • Secondary languages: French (advancing), Spanish (limited vocabulary)
  • Minor language(s): Italian (can read with a dictionary)
    • Also can identify a wide range of Latin-script languages, though without understanding a single word.
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